Exploring the Best Music Rehearsal Studios in Los Angeles: A Comprehensive Comparison

Table of Contents

  • Hourly Rehearsal Studios
  • Monthly Lockouts
  • Drum Rehearsal Studios
  • Piano and Vocal Rehearsal Rooms
  • FAQs about Renting a Rehearsal Studio

Hourly Rehearsal Studios

MDM Music Studios

  • Price: Around $20-65/hr
  • Location: Los Angeles/Glendale CA
  • Ideal for: Small Bands, Large Bands and Solo musicians

Buccaneer Studios

  • Price: Around $20/hr
  • Location: Silverlake/West Adams
  • Ideal for: Bands and DJs

Rock Amplifier Studios

  • Price: Approximately $20-$35/hour
  • Location: North Hollywood
  • Ideal for: Bands and solo artists

Acoustic Louder Studios

  • Price: About $15-$45/hour
  • Location: Reseda
  • Ideal for: Bands and solo artists

East End Rehearsal

  • Price: Approximately $20-$25/hour
  • Location: East LA
  • Ideal for: Bands and solo artists

Songbird Rehearsal Studios

  • Price: About $20-$25/hr
  • Location: Burbank
  • Ideal for: Bands and drummers

Exposition Practice Rooms

  • Price: About $30/hr
  • Location: Culver City
  • Ideal for: Small bands and solo artists

Snaggletooth Studios

  • Price: $20-$40/hour for hourly rentals or $500-$1,500/month for monthly rentals
  • Location: North Hollywood
  • Ideal for: Bands and solo artists

LA Rehearsal and Recording

  • Price: $20-$30/hour
  • Location: Hollywood
  • Ideal for: Bands and solo artists

Summit Studios Pasadena

  • Price: $15-$30/hour
  • Location: Pasadena
  • Ideal for: Bands and solo artists

Monthly & 24/7 Lockout Rehearsal Studios

MDM Music Studios

  • Price: $300 – $1,200+ per month
  • Location: Los Angeles and Glendale CA

ABC Rehearsals

  • Price: $300 – $1,000+ per month
  • Location: Silverlake and North Hollywood

Black Diamond Studios

  • Location: Downtown Los Angeles

Creative Music Rooms

  • Price: Large rooms (170 sqft.) are $1000, medium rooms (120 sqft.) are $850, and small rooms (100 sqft.) are $700.
  • Location: Marina Del Rey

Third Encore

  • Location: North Hollywood

Lockout Music Studios

  • Location: Torrance, Long Beach, and Riverside

PM Rehearsal

  • Price: Monthly lockout rehearsal studios range from $500 per month for an 8′ x 8′ studio to $800 per month for a 13′ x 12′ studio.
  • Location: North Hollywood and Burbank

Royal Rehearsal

  • Price: Between $400 to $1,000 per month.
  • Location: Boyle Heights, University Park, Burbank, East LA, and Downtown LA

Drum Rehearsal Rooms

California Percussion Rental

  • Price: $195 per month for 15 hours of drum rehearsal time.
  • Location: Downtown LA

California Percussion Rental offers percussion practice rooms stocked with top-quality instruments for a low monthly fee.

Piano and Vocal Rehearsal Rooms

Issimo Music Hall

  • Location: South Bay
  • Price: $25/hr

Hollywood Academy of Music and Arts

  • Location: Hollywood
  • Price: $12-$20/hr or $200/month

Tiffany Music Academy

  • Location: Culver City
  • Price: $25/hr

FAQs About Renting a Rehearsal Studio

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Are there any rehearsal spaces that offer recording services?

How do I book a rehearsal space?