MDM Music Rehearsal Studios: Your Premium Rehearsal Destination in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city that pulsates with creativity. It’s a place where dreams are born, and stars are made. At the heart of this vibrant city, music rehearsal studios provide the perfect environment for musicians to hone their skills, jam with friends, prepare for gigs, or simply let loose and create. MDM Music Rehearsal Studios stands as a beacon of opportunity for artists of all genres, offering a premium rehearsal space where creativity knows no bounds. Whether you’re a solo act fine-tuning your sound or a band preparing for your next big show, our rehearsal studio in Los Angeles is the sanctuary you’ve been searching for. With top-of-the-line equipment, a range of services, and a community that supports each other’s growth, MDM Music Rehearsal Studios is not just a place to play – it’s where you can unleash your music.

Discover the Premium Quality of Our Equipment and Music Rehearsal Spaces

MDM Music Rehearsal Studios prides itself on setting the standard for premium rehearsal experiences. The cornerstone of this unparalleled environment is our dedication to providing only the finest equipment and meticulously designed spaces. With a keen focus on state-of-the-art sound technology, our studios are outfitted with the latest PA systems, amplifiers, and a diverse selection of microphones, all aimed at ensuring your sound is captured with the clarity and depth it deserves. Whether you’re laying down tracks or refining your live performance, our equipment portfolio is constantly updated to include the latest industry-standard gear, offering you the versatility and quality required to bring your musical vision to life.

Our rehearsal spaces are not only about superior sound quality; they are acoustically treated environments crafted to cater to a wide range of musical needs. From the intimate vibe needed for solo acts to the dynamic range required for full-band sessions, each studio is designed to optimize sound, allowing for an authentic rehearsal experience. This attention to acoustic detail ensures that whether you’re experimenting with new sounds or perfecting your setlist, the space around you enhances, rather than interferes with, your creative process.

Types of Rehearsal Studios

There are various types of studios available in MDM Music Rehearsal Studios Los Angeles, each catering to different needs and group sizes. From individual musicians looking for a quiet place to practice, to large bands requiring a more spacious setup, there’s a space for everyone. Additionally, recognizing the diverse needs of today’s artists, we offer a variety of spaces, each tailored to different types of rehearsals and creative endeavors. This customization extends to our rental service, providing access to high-quality instruments and additional gear, ensuring you have everything at your fingertips to explore, create, and perfect your music in an environment built for musical excellence.

Music Rehearsal Studio 3

Designated as “Standard,” offers a spacious 224 square feet of area (14×16 feet) and is ideally suited for 4-piece bands, available at a rate of $20 per hour with a minimum booking of two hours. The studio is well-equipped with a range of equipment including one bass amplifier with a cabinet and one guitar amplifier with a cabinet, catering to the essential sound amplification needs. Drummers have access to a versatile 5-piece drum kit, available in either PDP or Tama models. For mixing and sound control, the studio features a 16-channel Yamaha MG166cx mixer, allowing for detailed audio management during sessions. Audio projection is powered by two JBL EON 615 speakers, renowned for their clarity and volume. Vocalists and instrumentalists will benefit from at least two microphones with stands, ensuring a well-rounded rehearsal or recording experience in a professionally equipped environment.

Music Rehearsal Studio 4

Categorized as “Large,” spans an impressive 448 square feet (28×16 feet) and is best suited for bands with 5 to 12 members, available at a rate of $40 per hour with a two-hour minimum booking. This studio is generously equipped with one bass amplifier and cabinet, and two guitar amplifiers with cabinets, providing ample sound reinforcement for larger groups. A 5-piece drum kit from SPL or Tama is available for drummers. For intricate audio mixing, the studio boasts a 24-channel Mackie Onyx 24.4 mixer, allowing for complex sound setups. Sound projection in the studio is robust, featuring two JBL PRX612M speakers and one floor monitor, ensuring a rich and immersive audio experience. Additionally, the studio provides at least three microphones with stands to accommodate a wider range of vocal and instrumental amplification needs.

Music Rehearsal Studio 5

A large and versatile space of 448 sq/ft (28x16ft), is perfectly crafted for 5-12 piece bands, available at $40/hr with a minimum of 2 hours booking. Equipped with high-quality amplification gear, including 1x bass head+cab and 2x guitar head+cab, along with a premium 5-piece drum kit from DW or Tama (cymbals not included), this studio is designed for superior sound experiences. The 16-channel Mackie 1604-VLZ3 mixer, paired with 2x JBL PRX612M speakers and a floor monitor, ensures crystal-clear audio output. With at least 3 microphones plus stands, Studio 5 caters to diverse recording needs, setting a benchmark for professional rehearsal spaces.

Music Rehearsal Studio 7

Offers a practical and efficient rehearsal space, measuring 224 square feet (14×16 feet), tailored for quartets or small ensembles. This studio is available at a cost-effective rate of $20 per hour, with a two-hour minimum booking. The studio features a comprehensive audio setup, including a single bass amplifier with a speaker cabinet and a guitar amplifier with a cabinet, facilitating a rich and dynamic sound environment. A 5-piece drum set from brands like PDP or Tama is provided, although drummers should note that cymbals are to be supplied by the user. For audio mixing, there’s a 16-channel Yamaha MG166cx mixer, offering ample channels for detailed sound adjustments. Audio playback is handled by two QSC K12 speakers, renowned for their exceptional sound clarity and output. For vocal and instrumental amplification, the studio includes at least two microphones, complete with stands, ensuring a well-rounded and satisfying rehearsal experience.

Music Rehearsal Studio 8

Classified as “Standard,” provides a compact yet fully functional space of 224 sq/ft (14x16ft), ideal for 4-piece bands. Priced at $20 per hour with a minimum requirement of 2 hours, this studio offers excellent value for bands seeking quality rehearsal space. The studio is equipped with essential sound gear, including one bass head with cabinet and one guitar head with cabinet, ensuring a robust amplification setup. Drummers will find a versatile 5-piece drum kit from PDP or Tama, although they’ll need to bring their own cymbals. The studio’s 16-channel Yamaha MG166cx mixer allows for precise sound control, complemented by two QSC K12 speakers that deliver clear and powerful audio. Additionally, at least two microphones with stands are provided, ensuring that vocal and instrumental performances are captured with clarity. This setup makes Studio 8 an excellent choice for bands looking for a professional rehearsal environment that combines quality, convenience, and affordability.


Music Rehearsal Studio 9

Categorized as “Medium,” extends across 308 square feet (22×14 feet) and is optimally suited for bands comprising 4 to 6 members. With a rental rate of $30 per hour and a minimum two-hour booking policy, this studio offers a spacious and conducive environment for musical creativity. The studio is well-appointed with one bass amplifier head and cabinet, and two guitar amplifier heads with cabinets, ensuring a full-bodied sound for both bass and guitar lines. A 5-piece drum kit from either PDP or Tama is available for rhythmic accompaniment, though drummers will need to provide their own cymbals. The studio’s audio mixing is facilitated by a 16-channel Mackie 1604-VLZ3 mixer, allowing for intricate sound balance and control. Sound projection in the studio is robust, courtesy of two JBL PRX612M speakers and an additional floor monitor, providing a clear and immersive sound experience. Furthermore, the studio is equipped with at least three microphones and stands, offering ample resources for vocal and instrumental amplification during rehearsals or recording sessions.

Music Rehearsal Studio 10

Known as the “Showcase Room,” is a premier space boasting 1,035 square feet (45×23 feet), complemented by an additional lounge area of 308 square feet (22×14 feet). This Showcase studio, priced at $65 per hour with a two-hour minimum, caters to a wide range of band sizes, from quartets up to 30-member bands, providing ample room for both rehearsal and relaxation. The studio is equipped with top-notch gear including one bass amplifier head and cabinet, and two guitar amplifier heads with cabinets, ensuring a powerful and rich sound output. A high-quality 5-piece drum kit from Yamaha or Tama is available for percussionists, with the caveat that cymbals are not provided. The studio’s audio mixing capabilities are enhanced by a 32-channel Behringer X-32 mixer, offering extensive control for complex sound setups. Sound is projected through four JBL PRX612M speakers and three floor monitors, delivering an exceptionally clear and immersive audio experience. Additionally, the studio includes at least three microphones with stands, accommodating a wide array of vocal and instrumental recording needs, making Studio 10 an ideal choice for bands looking for a professional-grade rehearsal environment.


Music Rehearsal Studio 11

Positioned as a “Medium” space, occupies a comfortable 308 square feet (22×14 feet), making it an ideal choice for bands consisting of 4 to 6 members. The studio can be rented for $30 per hour with a required minimum of two hours. This studio comes furnished with a reliable amplification setup that includes one bass head and cabinet, alongside two guitar heads with cabinets, providing a solid foundation for both bass and guitar players. A comprehensive 5-piece drum kit from PDP or Tama awaits drummers, although they will need to bring their own cymbals. For audio mixing, there is a 16-channel Mackie 1604-VLZ3 mixer, known for its high-quality sound control and versatility. The auditory experience is further enhanced by two JBL PRX612M speakers and a floor monitor, ensuring a rich and balanced sound throughout the studio. Completing the setup, the studio offers at least three microphones with stands, allowing for clear and accurate capture of vocals and instruments.


A Range of Services to Complement Your Rehearsal

At MDM Music Rehearsal Studios, we go beyond simply providing a space for you to hone your craft. Our array of additional services is designed to complement and enhance your rehearsal experience, allowing you to capture and refine your sound with professional precision. Our on-site recording, mixing, and mastering capabilities mean you’re not just practicing; you’re producing. With access to advanced recording technology and experienced engineers, you can transition seamlessly from rehearsal to recording, ensuring every note and nuance of your performance is captured with the highest fidelity.

Equally important is our equipment rental service, offering a diverse selection of high-quality instruments and gear. Whether you need an extra guitar for a session or a specific microphone to capture the perfect vocal take, we’ve got you covered. This service not only eliminates the hassle of transporting your own equipment but also gives you the opportunity to experiment with different sounds and textures, adding depth and variety to your music.

Additionally, our dedicated staff are always on hand, offering technical support and expertise to help your sessions run as smoothly as possible. From troubleshooting equipment issues to providing advice on achieving the best sound for your recording, their goal is to ensure that every aspect of your rehearsal and production process is as stress-free and productive as possible. These services, tailored to the needs of modern musicians, underscore our commitment to being more than just a rehearsal space — we’re a comprehensive support system for your musical journey.

Why Choose MDM Music Rehearsal Studios

Choosing the right studio is crucial for any artist. MDM Music Rehearsal Studios in Los Angeles offers a host of benefits that make it a top choice for musicians. These include an online booking system, affordable hourly rates, discounts on longer bookings, professional-grade equipment, and a comfortable environment. In addition, getting the band together can often be a challenge due to conflicting schedules. However, with studios open late, it’s easy to fit in a jam session or practice for an upcoming gig, no matter how tricky the timing may be.

An Unbeatable Los Angeles Location and Competitive Pricing

Nestled within the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, MDM Music Rehearsal Studios offers easy access for artists across the city, making it an ideal spot for musicians looking to tap into the pulse of the music scene. Our strategic location ensures that whether you’re coming in for a quick solo session or an extended band rehearsal, your journey here is as hassle-free as possible, allowing you more time to focus on your music. We understand the financial pressures that come with pursuing a career in music, which is why we’ve structured our pricing to be competitive, providing value without compromising on quality. Our studio rates are designed to accommodate musicians at different stages of their career, from emerging artists to established bands, with flexible booking options that include both hourly and block rates to suit varying schedules and project scopes. This approach to pricing and our commitment to accessibility mean that premium rehearsal space is within reach, allowing you to invest in your craft without the burden of excessive costs. At MDM Music Rehearsal Studios, we believe that financial constraints should not hinder creativity, and our pricing reflects our dedication to supporting the artistic journey of every musician who walks through our doors.

Join Our Vibrant Community of Artists

Stepping into MDM Music Rehearsal Studios opens doors to a dynamic, creative community where the spirit of collaboration and the excitement of discovery thrives. Our studios serve as a crucible where artists from various musical backgrounds and styles converge, sparking innovation and forging lasting connections. The atmosphere here is electric, alive with the buzz of creativity, as musicians share insights, experiment with new ideas, and offer mutual support. This unique environment fosters not just musical growth but personal connections that often lead to collaborative projects, bands forming, and a network of peers who understand the journey you’re on. Engaging with this community offers invaluable opportunities to learn from one another, gain inspiration, and push your boundaries. Through organized events and casual interactions, you’ll find mentors, collaborators, and possibly lifelong friends. This collective energy not only propels individual artists forward but enriches the broader music scene, making our studios a pivotal hub for artistic development. Dive into a world where your musical ambitions are shared and encouraged by a diverse group of peers, all committed to elevating their artistry.

Testimonials: Hear From Artists Who’ve Grown With Us

Our walls echo with the stories of artists whose journeys have intertwined with the unique experience MDM Music Rehearsal Studios offers. These narratives are a testament to the transformative power of a nurturing creative environment. Emerging soloists speak of discovering a newfound depth to their sound, nurtured by our quality equipment and supportive atmosphere. Bands recount tales of cohesion and evolution, honing their live performances to perfection within our acoustically treated spaces. From the palpable excitement of recording their first track to the triumphant moment of mastering a challenging piece, our artists share a common thread of growth and achievement.

Each testimonial serves as a beacon for aspiring musicians, illustrating the potential for exponential personal and professional development. The shared experiences of overcoming creative blocks, forging meaningful connections within our vibrant community, and achieving milestones previously thought unattainable underscore the role of MDM Music Rehearsal Studios in their musical voyage. These stories, rich with passion and perseverance, offer a glimpse into the heart of our community, where every artist’s dream is validated and vigorously pursued. Through their voices, one can sense the palpable energy and dedication that flows through our studios, making it not just a rehearsal space, but a cornerstone of artistic advancement in Los Angeles.

Ready to Elevate Your Sound? Here’s How to Get Started

Embarking on the next phase of your musical journey with MDM Music Rehearsal Studios is a seamless process designed to integrate smoothly into your artistic workflow. Initiating this transformative experience begins with a straightforward step: reaching out to our dedicated team. We’re here to guide you through booking a tour of our facilities, offering you a firsthand glimpse into the environment that could soon become your creative home. For those ready to dive into their rehearsal or recording sessions, reserving your space is made easy through our accommodating reservation system. We understand that each artist and project comes with unique needs and aspirations. Our team stands ready to listen, offering personalized advice and solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From discussing studio availability to explaining our range of services and equipment options, we’re committed to ensuring you have all the information you need to make an informed decision. Whether you’re exploring different sound possibilities or seeking the perfect rehearsal schedule, we’re excited to support your musical endeavors. Contact us today to start shaping the future of your sound in a place where your artistic potential can truly flourish.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Our main goal is to provide affordable options for musicians in Los Angeles who are in need of rehearsal space. We are dedicated to ensuring that studios of high quality are accessible to musicians of all skill levels. In order to achieve this, we offer flexible pricing options and discounts. Our rehearsal studios come in different sizes, including small standard, medium, large, and showcase rooms. We also have practice rooms available for solo artists, duos, and small to medium-sized bands.

The starting price for renting a rehearsal studio in Los Angeles is $20 per hour.


MDM Music Studios has a total of 8 private music rehearsal spaces located in Los Angeles. These include Studio 3, Studio 4, Studio 5, Studio 7, Studio 8, Studio 9, Studio 10, and Studio 11.


When deciding on a rehearsal studio in Los Angeles, it is important to consider the size of the room and the equipment available. Our standard studios are suitable for small groups of approximately 4 members. The medium-sized studios provide more space and are ideal for bands consisting of 4-5 members. For larger bands of 5-12 members, our large studios are the perfect choice. Additionally, we have the Showcase Room, known as Studio 10, which is a spacious room spanning 1,035 sq/ft. It also includes a lounge area measuring an additional 308 sq/ft. This room is designed for bands with a larger number of members, ranging from 5 to 30.


In addition to our rehearsal studios, MDM Music Studios offers a range of services to support musicians in Los Angeles. These services include instrument rentals, equipment storage, and access to a community of fellow musicians. We also provide recording and production facilities for those looking to create professional-quality recordings. Our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution for musicians in need of rehearsal space and related resources.


There are several reasons why MDM Music Studios stands out as the top choice for musicians in Los Angeles. Firstly, we offer affordable pricing options, ensuring that musicians of all budgets can access high-quality rehearsal spaces. Our studios are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and maintained to the highest standards. Additionally, our flexible scheduling options allow musicians to book rehearsal time that fits their busy schedules. We pride ourselves on creating a supportive and inclusive community where musicians can connect with like-minded individuals and collaborate on their creative projects.


The Standard Studio is the most cost-effective option for drummers in LA, with prices starting at just $20 per hour. We also have larger studios available for drummers who play with a band. All of our rehearsal rooms in LA come equipped with a 5-piece drum kit from top brands such as DW, Tama, PDP, Yamaha, or SPL.


If you’re looking for a rehearsal studio that provides an on-stage experience, our Studio 10 is highly recommended. However, if you’re on a tight budget, you might prefer our Standard Studio 7 or our Large Studio 4 or 5, both of which offer professional equipment.


Our LA rehearsal studios are available for booking by the hour, and we offer discounts for longer sessions. Additionally, we do provide options for long-term studio rentals. Please Contact Us out to us for more information regarding long-term rentals.


Your Journey Begins Here- Book Your Online Music Rehearsal Space Los Angeles

MDM Music Rehearsal Studios is committed to providing affordable and top-quality rehearsal spaces for musicians in Los Angeles. With a variety of studio sizes and additional services available, we aim to meet the diverse needs of musicians at every level of their career. Choose MDM Music Rehearsal Studios for all your rehearsal needs in Los Angeles and experience a professional and supportive environment for your musical rehearsal practice.

At MDM Music Rehearsal Studios, we understand that every note you play and every song you create is a step toward fulfilling your musical ambitions. Our commitment to providing an exceptional rehearsal environment equipped with state-of-the-art facilities is unwavering because we know that’s what it takes to transform your artistic vision into a resonant reality. With a suite of comprehensive services designed to cater to your creative needs, from advanced recording technology to a variety of high-quality equipment available for rent, we’re here to ensure your focus remains on what you do best: crafting unforgettable music. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, our studio not only grants you access to a premium rehearsal space but also immerses you in a community vibrant with creativity and collaboration. It’s a place where your musical journey is supported and celebrated at every stage, from the initial notes of a new composition to the refined performance of a polished piece. By choosing to join us, you’re not just renting a rehearsal space; you’re stepping into a role within a dynamic musical ecosystem. Let the next chapter of your music career begin with us. At MDM Music Rehearsal Studios, we’re not just building a community; we’re nurturing the future sounds that will define generations. The path to your greatest musical achievements starts here, in the company of fellow artists who share your passion and drive. Book Your Rehearsal Studio Online Now